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Water Jet Cutting

At Bear Glass we pride ourselves on staying up to date and keeping up with latest cutting edge technology. That being said, Bear Glass is excited to introduce our new water jet technology! From intricate glass shapes to mirrors, glass ornaments, and more, there’s almost no glass cutting application that a water jet glass cutting system can’t tackle. Both thin and thick glass materials can be cut and detailed with a precise cutting stream.

waterjet cutting technology is a great method for cutting glass because it allows for contours and shapes that cannot be achieved with other cutting machines at a reasonable cost. Be it glass table top, shower door, large glass wall blocks, or antique mirror waterjet can cut everything with perfection.

water jet cut

Glass has a tendency to crack, so it is very important that the initial holes are produced with a reduced pressure of 7,200 PSI/500 bar to 11,600 PSI/800 bar. Subsequently, the pressure must be increased to a cutting speed that is cost-effective.

Advantages of Water Jet Glass Cutting

water jet cut

Why Water Jet Cutting?

Bear Glass uses a Pure Water Jet Cutting Machine manufactured by Perfect Technology Center. The Water jet system is an ideal machine for the cutting of various materials and is extremely versatile compared to alternative machinery such as lasers and plasmas.

Various uses of Waterjet cutting in Glass & Mirror products

water jet cut