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Bear Glass Services

As a full service fabricator, Bear Glass NJ carries out all of the processes needed to create your ready-to-install custom glass in our own high tech, 30,000ft2 plant with over 35 precision machines. An additional 25,000ft2 facility in Brooklyn which allows us to rapidly fulfill high volume orders as well.

Custom Cutting, Carving and Grooving


To cut raw glass sheets or float glass, we use an innovative process that maximizes every square inch of glass in an efficient, automated process that helps us meet the tightest of deadlines. Bear Glass NJ uses two Bystronic cutting lines that begin cutting your order just moments after we enter it. Highly trained technicians then remove the glass, inspecting each piece for flaws or defects and recycling all excess glass.

Mirror Tempering

At Bear Glass we are specialize in mirror tempering. Whether you order two pieces or two thousand, we guarantee perfect mirror tempering every time. We only use the highest quality glass to create our products.

Sandblasted Glass


Bear Glass provides the service of sandblasting glass. Sandblasting glass is becoming one of the very popular methods of etching glass. Sandblasting glass can result in producing the most elegant etching on glass. There are various techniques used in sandblasting glass that can create works of art as a finished product.

Superior Glass Cleaning and Crating

At Bear Glass NJ we meticulously remove processing residue, oils and fingerprints so you receive ready-to-use glass. Our factory has six different vertical and horizontal washing stations with three sets of washing brushes, nitrogen-free glass detergents and high pressure, no touch-air knives to achieve crystal clear, out-of-the-box glass.

Bear Glass does everything on glass. So for different kinds of glass products Bear Glass uses different packing systems. Fine float glass or art glass, which could be a sandblasted or an etched one, always gets extra care. Surely the methods change during handling low iron glass or insulated glass.

UV Bonding Glass

The process of UV Bonding uses specialist adhesive cured by ultra violet (UV) light. This is a relatively new process that gives the opportunity to create a stunning look to many applications.

The finished bond is crystal clear without any of the normal silicone lines along the joints. Depending on the type of adhesive we use, the finished joints can be very hard or if needed elastic. The special advantage of these adhesives is their clean application as well as high stability.

Back Painting

backpainted glass

Bear Glass NJ offers back painting with the capability to custom match any color. Back painted glass is a popular choice for kitchen back splashes, interior office walls, elevators, glass marker boards, glass tabletops and more.